Below are a number of useful websites and links with information addressing a range of concerns and issues present in children of all ages. 

The Raising Children Network contains comprehensive, practical, expert child health and parenting information & activities for children aged 0-15 years. The Raising Children website is produced with the help of an extensive network including the Australian Government.

Social Thinking® created by speech language pathologist, Michelle Garcia Winner is a unique approach to developing skills for children and adolescents who are struggling with social interaction, friendship and conversation skills. It is designed to develop a child’s social cognition through the teaching of specific thinking strategies that are necessary for social communication and interaction.

Bringing Up Great Kids is a resource for all parents with information that can help you to raise happy and confident children.


Yellow Ladybugs is dedicated to the happiness, success and celebration of autistic girls and women. Yellow Ladybugs is a volunteer community group who proudly create social events, similar to birthday parties, where girls can come together and have the opportunity to meet and bond over their similar journey.

Sensory Oasis for Kids is owned and run by Melbourne based Mum Jody. She offers a huge range of products for kids with special needs. Products are available online or instore.


Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is Australia’s largest service provider for people on the autism spectrum. Their specialised, evidence informed schools program is one of the largest in the world, with additional services that include information and advice, diagnostic assessments, behaviour support, parent and family support, and adult programs. 

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