A range of group programs are offered at Bloom, providing your child with an opportunity to learn, practice and consolidate new skills with their peers.  For more information, please contact us to discuss your child's needs and group availability. 


Secret Agent Society (SAS) Solving the Mystery of Social Encounters

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) program is a 12-week group emotional regulation and social skill program for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years. The program is designed for children with high functioning ASD

however it may also be beneficial to other children who experience difficulty in emotional and social skills.

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School Readiness


Our school transition program will help children develop social communication, attention and learning through structured games and activities.

The program will teach and consolidate skills related to:

  • Emotional regulation (understanding and managing feelings)

  • Self-regulation skills (such as handling frustration and disappointment)

  • Problem solving (skills required for cooperation and conflict resolution)

  • Social interactions with peers (sharing, initiating and maintaining relationships with peers)

  • Language skills (for example, communicating with peers and teachers, asking for help)

  • Motor coordination (activities designed to help a child keep up with the peers in gross motor activities)

  • Concentration and attention (encouraging a child's ability to pay attention and to follow instructions from teachers, attend to tasks for an extended period of time)

  • Independence promoting a range of independence skills, including going to the toilet without supervision, opening lunch boxes and drink bottles, following a structured classroom routine)

Social & Emotional Competence for Children with Challenging Behaviours

The aim of this group is to help children develop social and emotional competency skills. The group is intended for children who may display challenging behaviours. Children are grouped according to age with the program being offered to children between 4 and 10 years.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Social Skills Group

The aim of this group is to help your child develop social skills in a small group environment. The group will focus on building social communication and interaction skills in a small group environment. Each session targets a specific skill,

including understanding and communicating emotions, coping skills, listening skills and play skills. Children are grouped according to age and development, with the program being available to children between the ages of 3 and 8

years of age.



The purpose of this group is to help support your child to understand and manage their anxiety in a safe, small group setting.  Children are grouped according to age (available to children aged 6-15 years).  This program incorporates CBT and Mindful principles. 

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